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8 Baby Food Cubes

2 OZ /70 ml each

Baby Cubes® allow you to freeze or store breast milk or baby food in individual 2 oz./70 ml cubes.

Baby Cubes are airtight, dishwasher safe, and stackable.

Each Tray of contains 8 flip-top cubes constructed from non-toxic plastic that is both dishwasher-safe and microwave-safe.

3 measures on each Baby Cube to suit growing baby’s needs: 30, 45, 70 ml

Each individual cube snaps directly into the tray.

Baby Cubes are ideal for storing small snacks and are ideal for travelling.

Baby Cubes are made by Petite Creations






The Baby Cubes are made of a non toxic Polypropylene Virgin raw material We do not even accept Recycled Polypropylene in the fabrication of The Baby Cubes. It most be of a Virgin Raw Polypropylene so that we can be certain of the highest quality.

As a result Baby Cubes are:

- Non Toxic - Microwave safe - Dishwasher safe - Freezer safe

The Manufacturing of the Baby Cubes is in Brazil with a manufacture that is ISO 9001 certified and is also Walmart Approved. Walmart has some of the strictest quality control departments in the Americas and all products sold in their stores are carefully selected for reliability and consumer safety. Polypropylene Virgin raw material

Polypropylene plastics are basically inert materials and do not present a health hazard to the consumer in either handling the plastics or consuming foodstuffs with which they have come into contact.

All polypropylene plastics packaging that come into direct contact with foods and beverages comply fully with the safety requirements in the relevant European Directives on food-contact plastics.

Prepared under the responsibility of the ILSI Europe Packaging Material Task Force



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