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Size - Diagonal Measurement

Designed to provide comfort and support for mother and baby during pregnancy.

The Bellysling maternity support may:

* reduce groin pain during pregnancy
* ease sciatic pain in pregnancy
* minimize stretch marks
* decrease varicose veins and hemorrhoids
* relieve back pain during pregnancy

As a mother-to-be you want to be able to keep up with your regular activities with a degree of comfort and coordination. If you answer yes to any of the following questions you need to try our affordable, lightweight, comfortable Bellysling maternity support.

* Do you feel limited dealing with your daily activities during pregnancy?
* Now that you are pregnant is your body reluctant to perform the tasks that your daily life requires of you?
* Do you tire easily?
* Do you feel discomfort or pain?
* Is the size of your abdomen affecting your balance and posture?
* Do you experience abdominal discomfort?
* Do you sleep comfortably or is your sleep interrupted?


2XS = 35" - 36"

XS = 37" - 38

SM = 39" - 40"

MD = 41" - 42"

LG = 43" - 44"

XL = 45" - 46"

2XL = 47" - 48"




Measurements for the Bellysling should be taken without any clothing.Measure diagonally from the small of the back (small of the back is at the waistline over the spine); around the front under the tummy and back to the small of the back. This is the angle on which you will be wearing your bellysling maternity garment.


Ease Back Pain during pregnancy
The Bellysling is a maternity support garment designed to relieve back pain during pregnancy by supporting your baby and lifting the weight off the muscles that attach at the small of your back. It is the abdominal pull on these muscles during pregnancy that causes your back pain.

Pamper Pack included with every order
The bonus pamper pack that is included with our maternity support belt is unique. The Pamper Pack is a small hot/cold pack designed to fit into a special pocket in the back of the Bellysling maternity support. Exclusive to the Bellysling brand, this pack can be warmed briefly in the microwave or cooled in the freezer depending on your needs. Just pop it into the specially designed pocket and enjoy the comfort. Every mother-to-be should give herself this luxury.

Improve Posture and Balance
The firm back panel of the Bellysling maternity support garment acts as a comforting support to the small of your back. The lift and support provided by the Bellysling helps to center your body weight, as well as improving your posture and balance.

Avoid Varicose Veins
By lifting your baby off the groin area, the Bellysling maternity support reduces the pressure which contributes to the blockage of return circulation, the major cause of varicose veins. This same pressure can also lead to painful hemorrhoids.

Reduce Stretch Marks
The Bellysling reduces stretch marks by supporting your abdomen throughout pregnancy. Our maternity support also prevents muscles from tearing which can lead to hernias and possible surgery.

Lightweight and Comfortable
The Bellysling's light weight makes it comfortable for you to wear and the maternity garment is not visible through your clothing. Remove for part of the day to keep your muscles strong.

Wear after childbirth to help get your muscles back in shape.
Use the Bellysling for the few days after childbirth or until you feel comfortable during your day to day activities, then remove the maternity support to keep your muscles toned. The same muscles you are supporting are those you used to deliver your baby and must be kept strong. Regain your mobility and energy; continue your regular activities in comfort.


Why would I wear the Bellysling?
It enables you to continue with your usual activities, with less fatigue and pain. Wearing the Bellysling is like an investment in your future health. It reduces the likelihood of varicose veins, hernias, and hemorrhoids. All common problems that usually start in pregnancy.

How should I wear the Bellysling?
It should be worn so as to actually lift the abdominal muscles which attach at the small of your back. It is the drag on the abdominal muscle that causes the most back pain during pregnancy.

When should I wear the Bellysling?
Wear it when you need to be active. Remove it for part of every day so your muscles stay toned; you will need the use of those muscles during the birth of your child.

Is the Bellysling comfortable?
It is very comfortable to wear and supportive of tired muscles. Women tend to forget they are wearing the Bellysling. Made of washable, soft, comfortable elastic this maternity support absorbs perspiration while gently lifting and holding the tummy instead of pressing on the baby. The Bellysling also has an added feature, a small pouch sewn into the back of the Bellysling. It holds a small hot/cold pack that can be put in the freezer or microwave to ease those sore back muscles.

Is wearing the Bellysling healthy for pregnant women?
Wearing the Bellysling is like an investment in your future health. It reduces the likelihood of these common problems which may start in pregnancy: varicose veins, hernias, hemorrhoids. They are all long-lasting problems and can be painful.

How did you come up with the idea for the Bellysling?
Before she retired, Jean MacDougall a registered nurse ran a retirement home where the cook was pregnant. "I worried about her falling when she bent over the stove or dishwasher," Jean said. The cook¹s grandmother remembered when she was a young woman living among hard working farm families, some pregnant women wore a device to support their wombs. "It bugged me. Where did that information get lost?" Jean thought. So she set about modernizing the idea and the Bellysling became a reality.

BellySling in the News! January 2010 London Free Press Article.

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