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LIFE WITH PIPER - Getting Baby Ready for Daycare

2015-08-27 | Comments | Posted By: Emily, Life With Piper

The time had come that once felt so far away... I was sending my baby off to daycare. It feels like it was just yesterday when we brought her home from the hospital. Whether it's a few times a week or full time, there are a lot of things to plan for, organize and buy before you drop your baby off on their first day.

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LIFE WITH PIPER - My Essential Oil Journey

2015-08-09 | Comments | Posted By: Emily, Life With Piper

My essential oil journey began as a desperate search for Piper to sleep. I had seemingly tried it all, but with no success.  One sleepless morning at 4 am, I sent a message to a friend asking for help and hoping that essential oils could be my answer. I had heard of essential oils before, but I was hesitant that they would work for Piper. I am always looking for a healthier and natural alternative so it seemed like essential oils could be a perfect fit.

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INFANT & BABY - Which baby carrier is right for me?

2015-08-05 | Comments | Posted By: Becky, Cheeky Monkey

Does your baby love to be held? Do you wish you could keep them close while keeping your hands free to play with your toddler, do the laundry, read a book or run errands? If so- read on!

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POSTPARTUM - What's a babymoon?

2015-07-27 | Comments | Posted By: Sheina Hemstreet, The Doula Chef

Once you have given birth to a new child everything changes.  Whether this is your first or last baby, the transition from individual, couple or family to include one more can be a challenge.  The identity that once existed is altered and a new learning curve emerges.  How you plan to take on this period of time can make a big difference to the experience.

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LIFE WITH PIPER - My Breastfeeding Journey

2015-07-21 | Comments | Posted By: Emily, Life With Piper

If you are looking for a sugar-coated post about how nursing is easy, click away! This blog post is NOT for you! I’m putting it all on the table here, hoping to help other moms who might be going through the same things I did.

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LIFE WITH PIPER - Piper is here! Now what?

2015-07-14 | Comments | Posted By: Emily, Life With Piper

In my experience, leaving the hospital after Piper was born was both exciting and terrifying.  Like many new moms, leaving the security of helpful nurses in the hospital and keeping a newborn content was a whole new challenge.  I received a crash course from my nurses about poops, feedings, purple crying, and more; but now she’s here, she’s mine and she’s a real live baby living in my house!

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2015-07-07 | Comments | Posted By: Marijean Amesmann, Babeeze In Arms Doula Centre

Expecting a new arrival and planning to breastfeed? Most likely you’ve heard a lot of different experiences about breastfeeding or pumping. Maybe hearing someone else’s negative experience makes you feel nervous about breastfeeding your baby?  Do you have questions?  Are you wondering if your experience can be different?

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INFANT & BABY - The Benefits Of Massage

2015-06-28 | Comments | Posted By: Martyna Colafranceschi, CuddleKidz

Although it’s ideal to massage a child at the pre-crawling stage, it’s never too late to start massaging your children. Whether your child’s a newborn or several years old, massaging your baby is a lovely way to communicate and bond while boosting your child’s immune system and supporting their physical, emotional and psychological development.

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POSTPARTUM - New Baby Must-Haves

2015-06-23 | Comments | Posted By: Becky, Cheeky Monkey

Do you have a new baby? Not sure what you need? Check out our New Baby Must-Haves!

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PREGNANCY - What Should I Register For?

2015-06-16 | Comments | Posted By: Becky, Cheeky Monkey

At Cheeky Monkey, we want to make registering for your new baby fun & stress-free. We've put together a registry checklist so you can be sure you'll have everything you need when your new bundle of joy arrives! We've narrowed down everything you'll need from clothing to gear & of course stuff for mom too!

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