What’s the big deal with organic fruits and vegetables anyway?

Are you one of those people wondering what the big deal is with organic fruits and vegetables?  Maybe you’ve thought they are only for people living alternative health lifestyles?  Do you just need a little more information to make a choice for your family?  The truth is, organic food is for everyone and here are a few reasons why you might consider adding organic fruits and vegetables to your plate!

Organic is ecologically beneficial.

Certified organic fruit and vegetables come from real food sources (non-GMO or genetically modified organisms) and they are not sprayed with chemical pesticides.  Organic farmers don’t use chemicals to fertilize their crops so you know there are no chemical residues living in or on your food.  Organic farmers are also serious about water and they are required to look after the land and water systems around them very carefully.  This means that the soil they leave will be healthy and fertile for future generations of farmers. 

Organic is good for you!

When you and your family change it up and start adding more organic foods to your diet amazing things start to happen.  Within days, the pesticide toxicity in your body drops dramatically.  Certified organic foods are grown in mineral rich soil, which means you are adding important minerals to support all of your key body systems and keep your body ticking like a well-oiled machine!

It’s easier to prepare & tastes great too!

 Since organic fruit & vegetable are not sprayed with chemical pesticides, you no longer have to peel your apples or carrots.  You can eat the whole thing, skin and all. This allows your body to utilize all of those valuable nutrients that would normally be tossed into the compost.   Organic food tastes better than chemically grown food – fact!  The main reason has to do with the pesticide free growth process.  Foods that are grown chemically free product more natural aromas to boost their defenses against bugs that will destroy them.  These aromas attract pests that will fight off the pests and the end result is food that tastes better!  YUM!

How can I be sure I’m buying “real” organic?

To ensure that you are getting truly organic fruit and vegetables you will want to make sure that you purchase only food that is labelled, “Certified Organic”.  In order for a farm to obtain the 100% Organic certification they must have followed strict farming practices for at least 3 years.  After certification, farmers have to be tested yearly to keep their certification valid.  Look for “Canada Organic” or the “USDA Organic” logos to be sure you are getting certified organic fruits and vegetables. 

- Joanne & Barry Peller, Organics Live London (franchise owners)



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